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single cell immune repertoire sequencing

Single-Cell Immune Repertoire Sequencing CapitalBio

Through the 10x genomics platform, capitalbio technology can simultaneously detect the transcriptome information and tcr/bcr diversity information of each cell in one experiment.

Applications of Single-Cell Immune Repertoire Sequencing
Tumor immunity
Infectious disease
Vaccine and antibody research
Autoimmune disease
Injury and inflammation
Transplantation and immune reconstitution
Immune system development
Analysis Display Method Advantages

- Data Analysis of Single Cell Immune Repertoires



Clonotypes annotation and statistics


VJ gene combination frequency heatmap


3D plot of VDJ gene combination frequency


Comparison of clonotype distribution differences between samples


Comparison of shared and unique clonotypes between samples

- Combined analysis of single-cell transcriptome and single-cell immune repertoire


Display of different clonotypes


Proportions of different clonotypes in different subpopulations


Differential gene expression of the same clonotype in different subgroups

The immune repertoire refers to the sum of the diversity of T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes in the body, which can comprehensively reflect the ability of the body's immune system to respond to external stimuli within a specific period of time, and can be used to characterize the health of the body's immune system. The diversity of T cells and B cells is mainly reflected in the diversity of surface receptors, that is, the diversity of TCR and BCR, and the diversity of TCR and BCR is ultimately derived from the recombination and rearrangement of germline V, D, and J genes. The 10x Genomics Single-cell Platform detects the diversity of the immune repertoire by detecting the diversity of the CDR3 region of the complementarity determining region on the receptor.

CapitalBio Technology Single-Cell Transcriptome Technology utilizes the 10x Genomics Chromium platform, and through the technical principle of oil droplet encapsulation, one experiment can simultaneously detect the transcriptome information and TCR/BCR diversity information of each cell. It can not only discover the heterogeneity of cells in a tissue through single-cell transcriptome information, but also understand the composition of the immune system of organisms in different states by detecting the clonotypes of TCR and BCR, assisting research in autoimmune diseases、 inflammation、infectious diseases、tumor immunity etc., deepen our understanding of the body's immune system.


Principle of single-cell immune repertoire sequencing technology


Single-cell immune repertoire sequencing project process

  • High throughput: 20,000 cells per sample

  • Short TAT: Suspension preparation + Cell capture + Library preparation in 2 days

  • Low cost: Cost per cell is much lower than other single cell platforms

  • Rich experience: Completed 10K+ samples, 150+ tissue types

  • Certificated service: CapitalBio Technology's Single-Cell Immune Repertoire Sequencing Service has received official CSP certification from 10X Genomics

  • One-stop service:Provide one-stop service from sample processing to data visualization

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