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methylation detection

Methylation Detection

Generally, the quantitative detection of a large sample is required for WGBS or the differential methylation loci found in chip detection, or the specific area of the candidate gene. On basis of the AgenaMassARRAY® mass spectrometry platform, CapitalBio Technology can offer the quantitative detection service for methylation loci in candidate areas. On the premise of guaranteed accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability, this technology can realize the detection of the methylation level of all CpG loci in DNA fragments within 600 bp through a one-off reaction.


Research on disease mechanism

Molecular marker of disease

Regulation of gene expression

Research on complex diseases


Ontogeny and cell differentiation of animals and plant

Animal and plant breeding

Species and population evolution

Agena Massarray Mass Spectrometry Platform Experiment Process Advantages Specifications



High performanceIt can analyze multiple CpG loci within 600bp and be compatible with FFPE sample
High accuracyDirect detection of molecular weight without further verification of data
Good repeatabilityCV≤5%
Cost effectivenessSupport detection to multiple CpG loci in one amplicon
ConvenientVisible data output, clear view of detection results

Sample RequirementsPurity:OD260/280 is within the range of 1.7-2.1

DNA amount ≥1μg

DNA concentration ≥20ng/μL

Integrity:main band of genome is clear and free from RNA contamination, protein contamination or degradation, with molecular weight ≥10Kb.

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