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Microbiome Sequencing

Microbiome Sequencing

Microorganism exists in the human body, plant, soil, sea, and other environments. The collection of all microorganism species and their genetic information and function is named as the microbiome. At present, the microbiome has been widely applied to medical research, agricultural breeding, food processing, environmental treatment, and other fields. In the field of medical research, the microbiome is named as "Second Genome of the Human Body". Especially, intestinal microflora plays a greatly important role in maintaining and playing the physiological functions of the host, is closely linked with human health, and becomes a research hotspot in recent years.

Microbiome Sequencing Application

  • Medicine  The relationship between composition and function of microflora and disease (such as diabetes, obesity, hypertensiony; microbiall medicine (intestinal tract, stomach, all cavities)

  • Agriculture  Different microflora structures will affect plant growth,plantpathogenic bacteria, microbial control (soill, root system, endomycorrhiza)

  • Animal Husbandry The difference in microorganism species and function (rumen,intestinal tract) under different nutrition condition or immunity levels

  • Environmental Treatment  Micro-ecological changes (waste water, sludge) during environmental treatment

  • lndustry  Microflora ad function changes(distillers' grains, yogurt, cultured microflora) during fermentation

  • Biollogical Energy  Microorganism composition and function (activated sludge, marine microorganism) in renewable biological resources

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