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MAPMI Extended-Spectrum Pathogenic Microorganism mNGS Detection CapitalBio

Next-generation sequencing metagenomic sequencing is the basis for CapitalBio®MAPMI detection, which allows for the direct detection of nucleic acid in a sample, the acquisition of sequencing information for any present microorganisms in the sample, and the unbiased identification of any pathogens that may be present.

mapmi extended spectrum pathogenic microorganism mngs detection

Features of MAPMI Extended-Spectrum Pathogenic Microorganism mNGS Detection

1. Detection of 16109 viruses, 13362 bacteria, 1659 fungi, 270 parasites, and 2500 drug resistance genes


virus1000 copies/mL
Bacteria, fungi, and parasites100 copies/mL

3. Target population

  • Patients who fall into this category have been identified as immunosuppressed hosts, patients with underlying disorders, and patients with severe infections who have been hospitalized multiple times.

  • Patients who repeatedly fail standard microbiological tests and have subpar therapy responses

  • Patients who are clinically suspected of harboring emerging diseases and who show signs of becoming infectious

  • Individuals who may be infected with a certain virus

  • Patients with additional clinical signs and prolonged fever and/or infection of unknown etiology

  • MAPMI Test is also available in CapitalBio Medical Lab

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