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Mycobacteria Nucleic Acid Detection CapitalBio

For the purpose of distinguishing between MTB and NTM, the real-time fluorescent PCR and TaqMan probe technologies are utilized. This kit is the only CFDA-approved PCR assay for rapidly separating MTB cases from those caused by other mycobacterium species.

mycobacteria nucleic acid detection

Features of Mycobacteria Nucleic Acid Detection

  • Get through all of the tests within 3 hours

  • Both MTB and NTM can be detected with a single sample and test

  • LoD of MTB is 10 bacteria/reaction, and the LoD of NTM is 100 bacteria/reaction

  • Specificity is 98.9%, and detection rates for bacterial-positive and negative pulmonary tuberculosis are 97% and 24.4%, respectively

Applicable Device of Mycobacteria Nucleic Acid Detection

  • ABI 7700 real-time PCR system

  • ABI 7500 real-time PCR system

  • FQD-96A Fluorescent PCR Instrument

  • Eppendorf ® Mastercycler ® ep real lex 4 S real-time PCR system

Applications of Mycobacteria Nucleic Acid Detection

  • Screening for tuberculosis quickly in people who may have it

  • Differential Diagnosis for TB/NTM

  • Diagnosis aid for TB in the lungs when bacteria are negative

  • Diagnosing tuberculosis outside of the lungs High-risk populations for MTB/NTM infection detection include those in intimate contact with a smear-positive patient, those with HIV, those with diabetes, and those taking biologics/immunosuppressants. Studying the prevalence of disease

Specification of Mycobacteria Nucleic Acid Detection

Order information

Cat. No.DescriptionSpecification
301031Mycobacteria Nucleic Acid Test Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe Method)20 tests/ kit

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