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Metabolic Testing-Food Intolerance (50 Items) CapitalBio

It is suitable for 9 common recipe categories (egg and milk, grain and nuts, meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, yeast and beverage, seasoning, traditional Chinese medicine) based on the microarray platform, a total of 50 kinds of foods are tested for IgG antibodies, and the best dietary plan for the subjects is formulated based on the results. 

food intolerance

FAQs of Food Intolerance Test

CapitalBio is dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive solutions for identifying food intolerances, ensuring that individuals can make informed dietary choices for better health. Understanding the nuances of food intolerance tests is crucial for our clients. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help clarify the process and reliability of these tests.

  • How Do They Test For Food Intolerance? 

At CapitalBio, food intolerance tests are conducted through advanced methodologies that analyze your body’s reaction to various foods. The process typically involves taking a small sample of blood, which is then examined for specific antibodies (IgG) that your body may produce in response to certain foods. This method is grounded in scientific research and aims to pinpoint the foods that might not agree with your system.

  • Are Food Intolerance Tests Accurate?

 Accuracy in food intolerance testing is paramount at CapitalBio. While no test can guarantee 100% accuracy due to the complex nature of food intolerances and individual body responses, our tests are designed to be as precise as possible. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and rigorous testing protocols to ensure the reliability of our results, helping clients make confident dietary adjustments.

  • What Is The Best Food Intolerance Test?

 The best food intolerance test is one that offers a comprehensive analysis, personalized results, and actionable insights. CapitalBio prides itself on providing a test that meets these criteria, utilizing cutting-edge technology to analyze a wide range of food items. Our test is designed to be thorough and tailored to each individual’s unique needs, making it a leading choice in the field.

  • Can You Do A Food Intolerance Test At Home? 

Yes, CapitalBio offers an at-home food intolerance test kit for your convenience. This kit allows you to take a sample in the comfort of your own home, which you then send back to our lab for analysis. We provide clear instructions and all the necessary tools for sample collection, ensuring the process is straightforward and stress-free. Once your sample is analyzed, you’ll receive a detailed report on your food intolerances, empowering you to make informed dietary choices.

CapitalBio is committed to advancing health through precise diagnostics, and our food intolerance tests are a testament to this commitment. By addressing common queries, we hope to facilitate a better understanding of how these tests can be a valuable tool in managing and improving your well-being.

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