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Pediatric Pharmacogenomics Detection CapitalBio

The problem of drug safety for newborns and children is very serious. According to data from the Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Health of China, the incidence of adverse drug reactions in newborns is as high as 24.4%, which is four times that of adults;the incidence of adverse reactions in children was 12.9%, twice that of adults. This means that one out of every four newborns who use drugs will suffer from varying degrees of organ damage due to drug adverse reactions, such as drug-induced deafness, nervous system damage, liver and kidney function damage, etc. Therefore, in order to protect the health of the child and avoid serious adverse drug reactions, it is very important to obtain the child's pharmacogenetic information as soon as possible.

pediatric pharmacogenomics detection

CapitalBio Pharmacogenomics

The test can provide information on the metabolism, curative effect and risk of adverse reactions of 168 commonly used drugs, assisting doctors in precise medication, avoiding the use of drugs with severe side effects or poor curative effect, improving the baby’s drug safety and saving medical expenses at the same time. Once detected, benefit for life; the earlier the detection, the earlier the benefit.

Sample Requirements of Pediatric Pharmacogenomics Detection

NewbornCord blood / Heel blood
Children under 2 years oldHeel blood
Children over 2 years oldFingertip blood / Peripheral blood

Specification of Pediatric Pharmacogenomics Detection

The Pediacare Pharmacogenomics Panel covers as many as 103 loci of 53 genes and provide prescription suggestions on as many as 168 drugs, and the drugs can be divided in 16 categories as follows:

Anti-inflammatory analgesicImmunosuppressant
Anti-infectivesMental illness
Asthma and anti-tussiveCardiovascular
Anti-parasiticAnti-gout drugs
Digestive systemAnalgesics
Hypoglycemic agentsChinese Medicine

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