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CapitalBio COVID-19 Mobile Laboratory

The COVID-19 Mobile Laboratory can detect "sample in-result out" in a variety of demand scenarios with high sensitivity and speed. This mobile laboratory uses the leading laboratory-on-a-chip technology, as well as throat swab robotic sampling technology and infrared radiation gradient temperature-controlled virus rapid inactivation technology. It works well in situations like border crossings, airports, and clustered epidemics.

dna sequencing platforms

Features of COVID-19 Mobile Laboratory

  • Up to 12 SARS-CoV-2 fully integrated microfluidic chip analysis system

  • 5G data transmission system uploads results

  • Power sources include 16A mains power, generator power, and a battery-powered backup power supply.

Specification of COVID-19 Mobile Laboratory

  • What can be found inside the mobile laboratory

  • Oral pharyngeal swab sampling robot

  • Desktop virus sample inactivator

  • SARS-CoV-2 fully integrated microfluidic chip analysis system

  • Data acquisition and analysis software computer

  • Generator, low-temperature refrigerator

  • Monitoring system

  • 5G- based test result in the direct reporting system

  • Modified vehicles 

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