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Innovative Application of Microfluidic Platform in Agricultural Product Testing

Innovative Application of Microfluidic Platform in Agricultural Product Testing

With rapid development of modern agriculture, the importance of agricultural product testing is becoming more and more prominent. In order to ensure consumer food safety and meet market demand, the efficiency and accuracy of testing technology has become the focus of industry attention. Microfluidic platform of CapitalBio, with its unique advantages, is gradually becoming an emerging force in the field of agricultural product testing.

Frontier Exploration of Microfluidic Technology

Microfluidics, as a technology to manipulate fluids on a micro-scale, has received extensive attention and research in recent years, and CapitalBio's microfluidics platform has built a complex network of fluid channels on a tiny chip through fine microprocessing technology, realising the precise manipulation of microfluidics. This technology, with its high throughput, low consumption and easy integration, shows great potential in the field of agricultural product testing.

The Efficient Detection of Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metal Pollution

Pesticide residues and heavy metal contamination in agricultural products have always been the focus of public attention, CapitalBio's microfluidic platform can significantly improve the sensitivity and accuracy of detection through efficient sample enrichment and separation technology. Combined with immunoassay, fluorescence detection and other methods, the platform is capable of simultaneous detection of multiple residues, greatly improving detection efficiency. For example, according to the article "Pesticide Residue Detection Technology Research Progress in Agricultural Products", microfluidic technology can significantly shorten the detection time and reduce the detection cost, which provides a strong support for the safety supervision of agricultural products.

The Quality of Agricultural Products Detection of New Ways

CapitalBio's microfluidic platform also shows unique advantages in the quality testing of agricultural products. By simulating the human oral environment, the platform is able to evaluate the taste of agricultural products, providing a scientific basis for processing and quality improvement. At the same time, the platform can also realise the rapid detection of nutrients in agricultural products, providing consumers with more accurate nutritional information. The realisation of these functions provides a new way and method for the quality testing of agricultural products.

The Future Outlook of Microfluidic Technology in the Detection of Agricultural Products

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application prospect of CapitalBio's microfluidic platform in the field of agricultural products testing will be more broad. In the future, the platform is expected to achieve more efficient sample pretreatment and more sensitive detection methods, providing a more solid guarantee for the safety of agricultural products. At the same time, the platform can also be deeply integrated with other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to achieve intelligent and automated testing of agricultural products. For example, the article "Application of Intelligent Microfluidic Technology in Food Safety Detection" puts forward the idea of combining microfluidic technology with artificial intelligence to achieve early warning and prevention and control of food safety risks through big data analysis.

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