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CapitalBio's Microarray Scanners: The Precision Eye in Biotechnology

CapitalBio's Microarray Scanners: The Precision Eye in Biotechnology

The rapid development of biotechnology has made microarray technology an important tool in life science research. CapitalBio's microarray scanners have become a leader in this field due to its excellent performance and wide range of applications.

Technology Overview

CapitalBio's microarray scanner is a compact, high-performance system that is an advanced experimental device based on the principle of fluorescence imaging. It excites fluorescein markers in the sample by irradiating them with a laser or LED light and uses an optical imaging system to record, calculate, and process the fluorescence intensity at each sample location. This technology is capable of measuring the expression levels of thousands to millions of genes, proteins, or other biomolecules simultaneously, providing researchers with a high-throughput, high-sensitivity means of analysis.

Product Features

High Performance

CapitalBio's microarray scanner uses advanced signal acquisition and processing technology to provide excellent scanning accuracy and high detection sensitivity over a wide linear dynamic range. This makes it ideal for profiling high-density speckle microarrays.

Flexible Configuration

CapitalBio's microarray scanner offers a wide range of models and configuration options to meet different experimental needs. Whether it is single or dual color fluorescence detection, high or low density microarray chips, CapitalBio has the right solution.

Ease of Use

CapitalBio's microarray scanner is easy to operate and user-friendly. With an intuitive interface and a concise operating procedure, users can easily complete experimental setup and data acquisition.


CapitalBio's microarray scanner is highly stable and reliable. It adopts precise mechanical structure and high-quality optical components to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of experimental results.

Application Areas

CapitalBio's microarray scanner has a wide range of applications in the field of bioscience research. It can help researchers measure the expression levels of thousands to millions of genes simultaneously, which in turn can be used to identify the different expression levels of certain genes under different conditions. In disease research, CapitalBio's microarray scanner can detect differences in gene expression between cancer cells and normal cells, providing new ideas and methods for disease diagnosis and treatment. In addition, CapitalBio's microarray scanners can be applied to DNA methylation detection, immune disease detection, bacterial identification, drug residue detection and many other fields.

Company Background

As a leading company in this field, CapitalBio, with its strong R&D strength and rich product line, provides high-quality biochip products and solutions for global researchers.

As an important tool in the field of biotechnology, CapitalBio's microarray scanners have become the right hand of researchers with their excellent performance and wide range of applications. In the future, CapitalBio's microarray scanners will continue to play an important role in driving bioscience research to a higher level as biotechnology continues to advance and applications expand.

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