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The Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Obesity CapitalBio

According to the test results, provide personalized dietary advice, exercise, and weight loss suggestions to achieve the purpose of effective prevention of obesity and scientific weight loss. Please don't hesitate to contact us and get more information on personal genetic testing!

the disease susceptibility genetic test obesity

Test Content of the Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Obesity

  • Obesity genetic risk assessment.

  • The effect of the three major nutrients carbohydrates, lipids and protein on body weight.

  • Weight loss effect of aerobic exercise, strength training and other exercise methods.

Applicable Population of the Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Obesity

  • People with unhealthy eating habits;

  • People who live irregularly, suffer from long-term insomnia or stay up late;

  • People who lack exercise or physical activity;

  • Those whose mothers have suffered from gestational diabetes or postpartum obesity;

  • People with high birth weight (≥ 4 kg) or low weight (≤ 2.5 kg) at birth;

  • People who have been identified as overweight or obese according to evaluation criteria such as BMI;

  • People who have no obvious weight loss effect through diet and exercise;

  • Those who want to know whether they are susceptible to obesity;

  • Those who need weight management;

  • People with a family history of obesity.

Specification of the Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Obesity

Sample typesVenous blood / Oral swab
TAT9 working days

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