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Individualized Medication Guidance for Prostate Cancer CapitalBio

This test detects 346 genes, including HRR pathway genes. The content involves targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and hereditary risk assessment, and provides comprehensive medication reference for prostate cancer patients.

individualized medication guidance for prostate cancer

Features of Individualized Medication Guidance for Prostate Cancer

  • Targeted therapy-Including SNV, InDel, CNV and gene rearrangement, comprehensively guide targeted drug use.

  • Immunotherapy-Detect TMB and MSI indicators, as well as positive and negative immune-related genes, provide information to guide immunosuppressive therapy.

  • Chemotherapy- Detect chemotherapeutic drug loci associated with prostate cancer, suggesting sensitivity and toxic side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs.

  • Hereditary risk assessment- Covering HRR pathway genes, suggesting pathogenic and suspected pathogenic variants, guiding PARP inhibitor therapy, and suggesting genetic risk based on family tumor history and other information.

Applicable Population of Individualized Medication Guidance for Prostate Cancer

  • Prostate cancer patients who have relapsed, drug-resistant problem.

  • Prostate cancer patients who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and need liquid biopsy for targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

  • Late-stage newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients who need targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

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