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850k methylation microarray

850K Methylation Microarray CapitalBio

As an important part of epigenomics, DNA methylation is involved in a series of processes such as cell and tissue differentiation, development, aging and environmental adaptation, but the change of DNA methylation mode is related to multiple diseases such as cancer, mental disorder, diabetes and CVD. On basis of Illumina chip, CapitalBio Technology can offer overall solution of DNA methylation detection, to realize one-stop service that covers screening and verification.

As an economic and efficient methylation high-throughput screening technology platform, the Illumina 850K methylation microarray can realize precise detection to the methylation variation of single base. This chip is a power tool to research the complex diseases such as tumor, respiratory system, CVD and mental disease, as well as a high-throughput detection technology platform that applies to the EWAS.

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Disease Molecular Marker
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Research On Complex Disease Mechanism
Research On Disease Typing Or Prognosis Effects
Microarray Information Our Advantages Experiment Process Specifications
Chip NameIntroduction to the chip
Illumina Infinium Methylation Epic BeadChip(850K)>850,000 CpG loci: Cover >90% 450K methylation chip site; cover the promoter, CpG island, enhancer (>330,000 loci) and 99% of RefSeq gene; be compatible with FFPE samples

WideThe methylation technology platform with the most scientific research papers, with 10,181 detection samples in TCGA and 9,246 samples in ICGC
CostSupport direct detection of the exact position of methylation based on the >850,000 methylation loci and single base resolution
HighThe correlation of technical repetition is R2>0.98 and the correlation of 450K intersection probe (850Kvs450K) is R2>0.98
RichEnjoy the service experience of DNA methylation chip for years and research in the fields such as tumor, CVD, mental disease, immunological disease, drug epigenome, reproduction and development, stem cell and constitution of TCM
CharacteristicThe data analysis team has rich experience and self-developed methylation chip analysis processes; customize the data analysis plan and provide characteristic analysis based on the experiment design plan; calibrate the cellular components, eliminate the interference of cell heterogeneity on the results, to ensure that results are rigorous and reliable

850k methylation array

Sample RequirementsPurity: OD260/280 is within the range of 1.7-2.1

DNA amount ≥2μg

DNA Conc. ≥50ng/μL

Integrity:main band of genome is clear and free from RNA contamination, protein contamination or degradation, with molecular weight ≥10Kb.

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