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Agena MassARRAY

Agena MassARRAY CapitalBio

The MassARRAY system from Agena Bioscience is the only desktop mass spectrometer in the world that can directly detect nucleic acids. The MassARRAY system is mainly aimed at detecting DNA targets ranging from a dozen to several hundred sites. It can achieve medium-throughput, low-cost, short-cycle, and high-precision genotyping. 

Agena MassARRAY Platform

The core principle of the MassARRAY system to detect genotyping is multiplex PCR + single base extension + mass spectrometry flight detection. In the end, due to the difference in molecular mass of different bases, during the flight of mass spectrometry, the flight speed of the larger molecular mass is slow. The position of the peak is used to determine the base type.

Agena MassARRAY Platform

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