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CapitalBio Quick TargSeq™ Fully Integrated Automatic On-site DNA Quick Test System

Rapid, on-site, fully automated DNA testing system with its own intellectual property. Using microfluidic technology, the gadget combines the processes of nucleic acid extraction, amplification, and detection. All inspections are performed mechanically. Data processing is performed using the in-built DNA typing software, and the entire process, from sample extraction to DNA typing results, takes less than two hours. the entire operation. This forensic platform is designed to perform rapid DNA analysis. Adopting microfluidic technology, it can conduct the hand-free process of developing a CODIS Core STR profile or other STR profile from a reference sample. 

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Features of Quick TargSeq™ Fully Integrated Automatic On-site DNA Quick Test System

1. Simple and fast

  • 1 min of manual labor for a full two-hour detention

  • Very little in the way of technical sophistication or rely on human operators

  • Full automation and portability mean PCR partition testing can be done right where it's needed, eliminating the requirement for a dedicated laboratory.

2. High sensitivity

  • LoD ≥0.4ng

  •  With its developed Rtyper21 and AIDIP38 reagents and compatibility with Promega PowerPlex21 reagent, it provides results that are in line with those obtained in a conventional laboratory setting.

3. Maximum safety

  • Completely sealed and integrated circuit, free of pollution risks

  • Both the device and its output are reliable and consistent

4. Personalization

  • With an open reagent configuration, the test material’s specifications can be used to tailor the cartridges and reagents used

  • Cartridges and software can both be updated in the future

Specification of Quick TargSeq™ Fully Integrated Automatic On-site DNA Quick Test System

Specimen Channel2 channel specimens + 1 channel contract (contract type can be selected independently)
Specimen TypeOral swabs, whole blood, blood card, cast-off cells, etc.
lntegrated ProcessSpecimen pre-treatment + multiple PCR amplification + capillary electrophoresis test fully integrated automatic device
Supporting ReagentRTyper21, AIDIP38, Promega PP21, etc.
Electrophoretic ResolutionSingle-base
peration Time≤2.5 hours
Output Document FormatTXT, FSA
Size52*52*60 cm
Weight35 kg

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