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Mycobacteria Species Identification CapitalBio

NTM disease symptoms are strikingly similar to those of MTB disease symptoms, and NTM has an 83.7% insensitivity rate to isoniazid and rifampin, the first-line tuberculosis treatments. The development of targeted treatment strategies and the speed with which MTB and other NTM species can be identified in the early stages of illness is of utmost importance in clinical practice.

The tagged nucleic acid in the sample is molecularly hybridized with the oligonucleotide probe molecules immobilized on the chip substrate using biochip technology. The 17 rapid identification of common clinical mycobacteria can properly lock in the kind of pathogenic bacteria by evaluating the hybridization signal strength of each probe molecule.

mycobacteria species identification

Features of Mycobacteria Species Identification

  • Get through all of the tests in 6 hours

  • 17 different mycobacteria are found at the same time

  • The accordance of sequencing results at 100%

  • LoD is 1×103 bacteria/reaction

Applications of Mycobacteria Species Identification

  • Quick testing for people who might have tuberculosis

  • Tuberculosis/ NTM differential diagnosis

  • Rapid diagnosis of suspected NTM disease patients

  • Instructions for the clinical analysis and management of NTM illness

Specification of Mycobacteria Species Identification

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Cat. No.DescriptionSpecification
301030CapitalBio庐 Mycobacteria Identification Array Kit24tests/ kit

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