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The Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Lung Cancer CapitalBio

This lung cancer detection test bases on biochip technology evaluates the risk of lung cancer from the perspective of genetics and provide guidance on disease prevention during the platinum chemotherapy for lung cancer. Please feel free to contact us and get more information on personal genetic testing kits!

the disease susceptibility genetic test lung cancer

Applicable Population of the Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Lung Cancer

1. Population with a family history of lung cancer.

2. Obese people.

3. People who smoke for a long time, are exposed to secondhand smoke, and drink heavily.

4. People with long-term exposure to ionizing radiation.

5. People with irregular rest.

6. People who are stressed and anxious.

7. People with a history of exposure to biochemical carcinogens.

Specification of The Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Lung Cancer

Sample typesVenous blood / Oral swab
TAT9 working days

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