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Metabolic Testing-Alcohol Damage

This test detects the metabolic process of chemical substances in alcohol and the genes related to the damage mechanism in the human body, including DNA damage repair genes, oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, poison metabolism enzyme genes, cell cycle regulatory genes, etc. By analyzing the results of genetic testing, we can evaluate the increased risk of liver, esophageal, and gastric cancers due to excessive alcohol consumption, provide relevant health advice to reduce the harm caused by drinking alcohol.

metabolic testing alcohol damage

Features of Metabolic Testing-Alcohol Damage

This Test is Based on Biochip Method, Test Content Including:

Gene typeExample of detected genes
Toxic metabolizing enzyme geneGSTM1
Tumor suppressor genePSCA
DNA damage repair geneERCC8
Nitric oxide synthase 2NOS2
Ubiquitination and degradation of proteinsHECTD4
Soluble carrier family 52 member 3SLC52A3

Specification of Metabolic Testing-Alcohol Damage

Sample typesVenous blood / Oral swab
TAT9 working days

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