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Cabin Laboratory

The mobile cabin laboratory is built in accordance with biosafety laboratory standards. It is built on one or more containers and is outfitted with a variety of advanced instruments and equipment to ensure the safety of the experimenters. It is distinguished by its adaptability and speed of response. The lab can be used to quickly test for viruses so that epidemics can be stopped and controlled quickly, and it can also help hospitals do testing.

microarray platform

Features of Cabin Laboratory

1. Support a wide range of detection projects

The P2+PCR laboratory design can help with a variety of detection projects, such as finding SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens.

2. Comprehensive biosafety protection

A full set of P2+ biosafety protection facilities, such as fresh air units, fire protection facilities, internal monitoring systems, sewage treatment systems, UV systems, information systems, and so on, have already been installed.

3. Professional PCR laboratory design

Independent partition, different buffer rooms, pressure difference design, to meet the needs of the PCR laboratory.

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