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Folic Acid Utilization Ability Genetic Detection

Folic acid is mainly involved in nucleic acid, protein synthesis and DNA methylation in the human body, and is an essential micronutrient for the human body. The human body cannot synthesize folic acid on its own and must obtain it from food. But some people develop folic acid deficiencies even when they maintain a normal intake of folic acid.

folic acid utilization ability genetic detection

Features of Folic Acid Utilization Ability Genetic Detection

Features of Folic Acid Utilization Ability Genetic Detection

Consume The Same Amount Of Folic Acid, Some People Show Folic Acid Deficiency, But Some People Show Excess Folic Acid, Why?

This is mainly because genes determine the ability of each person to metabolize folic acid differently. In the Chinese population, the gene and population ratios related to folic acid metabolism are as follows:

GeneLociGenotype and Proportion in Chinese PopulationGene Function
MTHFRC677TCC(Normal, 28.5%), CT(Low risk,49.8%), TT(High risk, 21.7%)Catalyzes the production of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, which is involved in methyl transfer and nucleotide synthesis pathways.
A1298CAA(Normal, 60.3%), AC(Low risk,34.7%), CC(High risk, 5%)
MTRRA66GAA(Normal, 55.9%), AG(Medium risk, 37.7%), GG(High risk, 6.4%)Active methionine synthase is reduced to an active state, maintaining the unblocked methyl transmission pathway

Therefore, before supplementing folic acid, we need to first identify our genotype, and then supplement folic acid individually.

Specification of Folic Acid Utilization Ability Genetic Detection

Applicable PopulationCouples trying to conceive, all pregnant women
Sample TypesWhole blood/ Oral cells
TAT5 working days

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