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Breast Cancer Prognosis Assessment

This test uses RT-qPCR technology to detect the expression of 16 tumor-related genes (proliferation, invasion, HER2, and hormone-related genes) and 5 reference genes and quantifies the test results as a Recurrence Score (RS) to predict 10-year long-term recurrence risk and chemotherapy benefit. This test can aid in the development of breast cancer treatment plans and avoid conditions such as undertreatment or overtreatment.

breast cancer prognosis assessment

Features of Breast Cancer Prognosis Assessment

Genes covered by this test

ProliferationKi67, SKT15, Survivin, CCNB1(cyclin B1), MYBL2
EstrogenER, PGR, BCL2, SCUBE2
InvasionMMP11(stromolysin 3), CTSL2(cathepsin L2)
ReferenceACTB(β-actin), GAPDH, RPLPO, GUS, TFRC
OthersGSTM1, CD68, BAG1

Applicable Population of Breast Cancer Prognosis Assessment

  • Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with stage I or II, estrogen receptor positive, lymph node metastasis negative, and to be treated with tamoxifen.

  • Menopausal patients with lymph node-positive, estrogen receptor-positive invasive breast cancer.

Specification of Breast Cancer Prognosis Assessment

Sample Types


Fresh tissue

Surgical tissue

Tissue>50mg, tumor content>30%, necrotic cells<10%

Needle biopsy tissue

1-2 strips

Length> 5mm, diameter 1-2mm

Tumor content> 30%, necrotic cells < 10%

Paraffin specimen

Paraffin section

>10 surgical slices or >15 needle biopsy slices

Area > 10mm×10mm, thickness 5-10μm

Tumor content > 30%, necrotic cells < 10%

Best within half a year, no more than 1 year

HE stained sections or pathological results are required

Paraffin block

Thickness of tissue-containing paraffin blocks > 100 μm

Tissue surface area > 25mm2

Tumor content > 30%, necrotic cells < 10%

Samples kept for less than 1 year

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