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Next Generation Sequencing Platforms

Next Generation Sequencing Platforms CapitalBio

A high-throughput sequencing platform is built around the Bioelectron 4000 gene sequencer, which is supplemented by an automatic nucleic acid preparation system, a gene amplification instrument, and other equipment. The next generation sequencing platforms can perform a wide range of functions, including sample preparation, library construction, sequencing template preparation, bioinformatics analysis, and automatic result interpretation. Next generation sequencing platforms can be used by labs to do genetic testing projects on their own when paired with clinical testing kits and software for automatic analysis.

Types Of Next Generation Sequencing Platforms(NGS Platforms)

CapitalBio®BioelectronSeq 4000 Sequencer
CapitalBio®BioelectronSeq 4000 Sequencer
The BES 4000 is a high-throughput gene sequencer for genetic testing. It’s joined by an automatic nucleic acid preparation machine, a gene amplification apparatus, and other tools.
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