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Solutions for Pharmacogenomics

Solutions for Pharmacogenomics CapitalBio

CapitalBio Pharmacogenomics Testing is based on pharmacogenomics. It makes prescription safer and more effective by detecting genes associated with drug metabolism, efficacy and side effects. Given the stability of genes and the irreversibility of the impact of many ADRs, the test would benefit children for their entire life.

Types Of Solutions For Pharmacogenomics

Pediatric Pharmacogenomics Detection
Pediatric Pharmacogenomics Detection
This test is based on pharmacogenomics, it makes prescription safer and more effective for children.
Individual Pharmacogenomics Detection
Individual Pharmacogenomics Detection
By detecting genetic information related to drug metabolism, efficacy, and adverse reactions of the subject can help doctors or pharmacists develop safer and more effective medication plans.

Why Is Pharmacogenetics Testing Important?

Over 4 billion prescriptions are issued each year. However, not all prescriptions are effective. In fact, the response rate of many drugs is only between 50-75%. Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) account for up to 7% of all hospital admissions. The negative impact of ADRs on children is especially severe, compared to that on adults. Most of the reactions were of moderate severity. This indicates the need for rigid ADR monitoring among patients to ensure the safety of drug therapy.

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