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Fully Integrated Platform for COVID-19

Fully Integrated Platform for COVID-19

The employment of a single system to execute all functions that are capable of being accomplished by the combination of numerous systems is an example of fully integrated automation. This system has the potential to make operations much easier, make them less reliant on the expert experimental environment, and use fully integrated automation to avoid failures in experiments caused by human error. 

Types Of Fully Integrated Platform for COVID-19

SARS-CoV-2 Integrated Microfluidic Chip Analysis System
SARS-CoV-2 Integrated Microfluidic Chip Analysis System
The system, adopting two cutting-edge technologies, provides a “samples in, answers out”testing mode within 45 mins, including sample lysis, nucleic acid extraction, on-chip nested isothermal amplification, and fluorescence detection.
COVID-19 Mobile Laboratory
COVID-19 Mobile Laboratory
Combined with global leading chip laboratory technology and swab robot sampling technology, COVID-19 Mobile Laboratory can achieve “samples in, answers out”susceptible and rapid detection in various demand scenarios, such as border ports, CDC, grassroots hospitals, etc.
Cabin Laboratory
Cabin Laboratory
The laboratory is convenient to transport and has complete functions. After collecting samples, they can be tested on the spot, which reduces the time for sample circulation.

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