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Genetic Testing for BRCA1/2 Targeted-drug Guidance [ Germline + Somatic] CapitalBio

This test detects somatic and germline SNV, InDel and CNV mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, covering the entire coding region of the BRCA1/2 gene and both flanking intron regions, provide information to guide PARP inhibitor therapy in breast & ovarian cancer.

targeted medication guidance for brca1 2

Applicable Population of Targeted Medication Guidance for BRCA1/2

  • Cancer patients in need of PARP inhibitors.

  • Cancer patients requiring BRCA1/2 gene testing.

Specification of Targeted Medication Guidance for BRCA1/2

Sample typesFresh tissue + venous blood / Paraffin specimen + venous blood / Venous blood
TAT10 working days

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