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Other Health Solutions

The HLA genotyping testing laboratory of CapitalBio Technology is the first one in China with dual accreditation of ASHI and CNAS, and the largest HLA tissue matching laboratory under the China Marrow Donor Program (CMDP). Focusing on HLA typing and testing for more than ten years, as a tissue matching laboratory recognized by CMDP, it is committed to improving the effective storage capacity and transplant rate. Every year, it undertakes the HLA typing test of tens of thousands of volunteer samples from the CDMP and uploads the accurate results to the library, more than 800,000 HLA typing tests have been completed, and has maintained a 100% accuracy record of quality control sampling for many years. At the same time, as the contractor of the sample bank of CDMP, up to now, it has stored 2.71 million typed samples, which is also a very valuable gene resource bank of the country, with great scientific research value.

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HLA Typing
HLA Typing
The HLA (human leucocyte antigen) system encodes the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins in humans, is closely related to the body's immune system.
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