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CapitalBio Centrifugal Heat Sealing Machine

Centrifugal heat sealing machine has chip centrifugation and chip heat sealing functions that can be used simultaneously without interfering with each other. 

The shell, heat sealing module, centrifugal module, control unit, and touch screen comprise the centrifugal heat sealing machine. It is suitable for centrifugal injection and heat sealing blocking after SNP chip injection, so that the SNP chip forms an independent reaction chamber. Prevent inter-sample interference.

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Features of Centrifugal Heat Sealing Machine

  • The heat-sealing process can be performed on four chips simultaneously.

  • Display on a sizable screen, easily adjustable settings

  • Thermostats utilizing digital PID technology provide precise temperature regulation.

  • Completely enclosed, dependable operation

  • Cross-contamination is prevented owing to the reaction chambers' isolation from one another.

Specification of Centrifugal Heat Sealing Machine

Chip size(75±0.50)mm×(25±0.25)mm×(2.00±0.10)mm
Processing throughput250 chips/hour
Temperature range150~180 ℃
Temperature Precision±1℃
Blocking time1~99s
Capacity2,4 microfluidic chips
Working speed8000rpm
single centrifugation time1 min
Dimension (L×W×H)470mm×345mm×400mm

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