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Whole Genome Re-sequencing CapitalBio

All DNA sequences of certain individual genome can be determined in one time through genomic sequencing, i.e. WGS (whole genome re-sequencing). Detect the variation on the genome level, including SNP, InDel, SV and CNV, by combining the analysis on biological information. As a powerful research tool, genomic sequencing is widely applied in scientific and clinical research, and its huge sequencing data provide comprehensive basis for analyzing the interindividual difference, population evolution and clinical disease research.                       

Application of Animal/Plant WGS
Application of Human WGS
Research On The Origin And Evolutionary History Of Species
Research on population queue and evolution: Normal population queue, Disease population queue, Cumulative mutation of environmental factors
Molecular Marker Development, Assisted Quality Improvement And Variety Breeding
Research on genetic disease: Monogenic disease, Rare disease, Complex disease, De novo mutation
Functional Gene Mining For Target Traits And Gene Mapping For Excellent Traits
Research on cancer genome: Tumor susceptibility gene, Pathogenesis of tumors, Tumor metastasis/relapse/heterogeneity
Trait Inheritance Mechanism Analysis
Research on pharmacogenomics: Drug-resistance mechanism, Targeted drag therapy
Assisted Germplasm Innovation And Identification
Workflow Specifications Demo Results

human whole genome sequencing

Human WGSAnimal/Plant WGS
Read LengthPE150
Recommended Sequencing DepthFor genetic disease: 30-50X
For tumor: 50X
For SNP/InDel detection: ≥ 10×
For SV/CNV detection: ≥ 20×
Sample RequirementsPurity: OD260/280 is within the range of 1.7-2.1
DNA amount ≥3μg
DNA Concentration ≥20ng/μL
Integrity:main band of genome is clear and free from RNA contamination, protein contamination or degradation, with molecular weight ≥10Kb.
Data Analysis★Raw data quality control
★Alignment with reference genome
★SNP/InDel/SV/CNV calling                                                                      ★More data mining upon your request

Figure TypeFigure
Circos PlotCircos-Plot.jpg
Heat map of Differential Gene ClusterHeat-map-of-Differential-Gene-Cluster.jpg
Heat Map of High-frequency                  
Mutant Gene Cluster
Example Diagram of Path Bubble Ranked
Top 30 of q-value in KEGG PATHWAY
Diagram of GO Functional                      
Enrichment Layer
Diagram of Protein Interaction NetworkDiagram-of-Protein-Interaction-Network.jpg

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