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The Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Full Package (150 Items) CapitalBio

This test based on biochip technology evaluates the risk of nearly 150 diseases in 13 categories from the perspective of genetics. Based on the results of genetic testing, the tested customers are guided to formulate targeted health advice on lifestyle, living environment, routine physical examination, safe medication, etc., so as to delay or even avoid the occurrence of diseases. Contact us and get more information on personal genetic testing!

the disease susceptibility genetic test full package 150 items

Test Content of the Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Full Package (150 Items)

25 cancers, 22 cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, 6 respiratory diseases, 15 digestive system diseases, 6 blood system diseases, 6 metabolic diseases, 19 immune diseases, 7 urinary system diseases, 8 reproductive system diseases, 6 skin diseases, 10 mental and psychological diseases, 11 eye and ear diseases, 7 skeletal and muscle diseases, 3 medications for thrombotic diseases, 5 diabetes medication guidance.

Specification of the Disease Susceptibility Genetic Test-Full Package (150 Items)

Sample typesVenous blood
TAT12 working days

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