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whole transcriptome sequencing

Whole Transcriptome Sequencing CapitalBio

The whole transcriptome is the sum of all types of RNA that can be transcribed by cells, including mRNA and non-coding RNA (non-codingRNA, ncRNA). At present, the research on non-coding RNA mainly focuses on smallRNA, lncRNA and circRNA. The research on the whole transcriptome of specific tissues or organs under specific conditions can systematically reveal the transcriptional regulation rule of biology from the RNA level.

Co-localization And Co-expression Of ncRNA And mRNA Detection
miRNA Sponge And Target Regulatory Elements Detection
Regulatory network investigation: ceRNA regulatory network set up based on lncRNA/circRNA-miRNA-gene pairs, taking lncRNA/circRNA as decoy, miRNA as core and mRNA as target.
Workflow Specifications Case Study





Library 1: mRNA, lncRNA and circRNA together construct one library

Library 2: small RNA construct one library

Read Length

Library 1: PE150

Library 2: SE50

Mining of mRNA and miRNA Related to Initiating Citrus Nucellar Embryo



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