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CapitalBio® Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K

The CapitalBio LuxScan™ 10K microarray gene array scanner is a compact high performance system for microarray imaging and the analysis of DNA, protein, and cell arrays. Its advanced systems for optics, signal processing, and motion control provide superior scan accuracy and high detection sensitivity over a wide linear dynamic range. With the optimized signal acquisition and processing elements, this microarray instrument is ideal for profiling high-density spotted microarrays.

LuxScan™ 10K-A has two excitation lasers (532nm and 635nm) and scans sequentially, avoiding potential signal crosstalk for dual labeled arrays.

LuxScan™ 10K-B comes with either a 532nm or 635nm excitation laser. The microarray platform has a National Registration Certificate for Medical Devices and is suitable for diagnostic uses.

CapitalBio® Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K
 gene array scanner microarray instrument

Features And Advantages Of CapitalBio® Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K

  • Proprietary confocal optical design

  • Sequential scanning, without cross-talk between channels

  • High resolution and high sensitivity

  • Laser intensity and PMT are continuously adjustable

  • Flexibility in dye selection

  • Image quality & signal to noise ratio (SNR) superior to equivalent instruments

  • Remarkably compact, the bench-top footprint of 54 cm × 36 cm

  • Easy-to-use, powerful integrated acquisition, and analysis software - SpotData™ Pro 3.0 with three licenses for each instrument, and free upgrades for the first 5 years

  • LuxScans are available in U.S. standard and European slide formats

  • LuxScan™ 10K Autofocus software allows users easily readjust the altered focus due to rough shipment and for its long term maintenance

Comparison of the LuxScan™10K-A with Popular Brand X

Comparison of the LuxScan™10K-A with Popular Brand X

Comparison with High-end Brand Y

Comparison with High-end Brand Y

Specification Of CapitalBio® Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K

cnip Formats: Standard USA Slides(76.2士0.5)×(25.4土0.25)× (1.0土o.1) mm
or European slides versions(76.2士0.5)×(25.6土0.25)×(1.0土o.i1) mm
Maximum Scan Area22 mm x 72 mm
Excitation wavelength532 nm and/or 635 nm
Emission wavelength570土10 nm,675土10 nm (expandable to 6 types)
Applicable Fluorescence Dyescy3.cy5, etc.
scan Resolutionuser-selectable: 5,10,20,40 um
sensitivity0.1 chromophores / um2(cpsm)(cy3)
scan speed8 mins / chip (10 um resolution)
Dynamic Range104(16 bit)
Laser Power settings5-100 % continuously adjustable
PMT Adjustment450-950 continuously adjustable
Focus Distance土250 um
lmage File FormatTIFF.BMP, JPG, RAW
voltageAc l1o v/Ac 220v
Power75 watts
size (w x D*H)360 mm x 540 mm x 220 mm (14.2 in x 21.3 in x 8.7 in)
weight40 kg (88 lb)

Microarray Scanner Uses
Microarray Scanner Uses

The gene array scanner scans the gene chip processed by the chemical color development method into an image. The life sciences instruments use special software to identify and analyze it, which should be in conjunction with the gene chip.

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