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CapitalBio® DNA Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K

The CapitalBio LuxScan™ 10K microarray gene array scanner is a compact high performance system for microarray imaging and the analysis of DNA, protein, and cell arrays. CapitalBio DNA Microarray Scanner LuxScan™ 10K's advanced systems for optics, signal processing, and motion control provides superior scan accuracy and high detection sensitivity over a wide linear dynamic range. With the optimized signal acquisition and processing elements, this microarray instrument is ideal for profiling high-density spotted microarrays.

CapitalBio Microarray Scanner LuxScan™ 10K-A has two excitation lasers (532nm and 635nm) and scans sequentially, avoiding potential signal crosstalk for dual labeled arrays.

CapitalBio Microarray Scanner LuxScan™ 10K-B comes with either a 532nm or 635nm excitation laser. The microarray platform has a National Registration Certificate for Medical Devices and is suitable for diagnostic uses.

CapitalBio® Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K
 gene array scanner microarray instrument

Features And Advantages Of CapitalBio® DNA Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K

  • Proprietary confocal optical design

  • Sequential scanning, without cross-talk between channels

  • High resolution and high sensitivity

  • Laser intensity and PMT are continuously adjustable

  • Flexibility in dye selection

  • Image quality & signal to noise ratio (SNR) superior to equivalent instruments

  • Remarkably compact, the bench-top footprint of 54 cm × 36 cm

  • Easy-to-use, powerful integrated acquisition, and analysis software - SpotData™ Pro 3.0 with three licenses for each instrument, and free upgrades for the first 5 years

  • Microarray Scanner LuxScans are available in U.S. standard and European slide formats

  • Microarray Scanner LuxScan™ 10K Autofocus software allows users to easily readjust the altered focus due to rough shipment and for its long term maintenance

Comparison of the DNA Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K-A with Popular Brand X

Comparison of the DNA Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K-A with Popular Brand X

Comparison with High-end Brand Y

Comparison with High-end Brand Y

Specification Of CapitalBio® DNA Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K

cnip Formats: Standard USA Slides(76.2士0.5)×(25.4土0.25)× (1.0土o.1) mm
or European slides versions(76.2士0.5)×(25.6土0.25)×(1.0土o.i1) mm
Maximum Scan Area22 mm x 72 mm
Excitation wavelength532 nm and/or 635 nm
Emission wavelength570土10 nm,675土10 nm (expandable to 6 types)
Applicable Fluorescence Dyescy3.cy5, etc.
scan Resolutionuser-selectable: 5,10,20,40 um
sensitivity0.1 chromophores / um2(cpsm)(cy3)
scan speed8 mins / chip (10 um resolution)
Dynamic Range104(16 bit)
Laser Power settings5-100 % continuously adjustable
PMT Adjustment450-950 continuously adjustable
Focus Distance土250 um
lmage File FormatTIFF.BMP, JPG, RAW
voltageAc l1o v/Ac 220v
Power75 watts
size (w x D*H)360 mm x 540 mm x 220 mm (14.2 in x 21.3 in x 8.7 in)
weight40 kg (88 lb)

CapitalBio® DNA Microarray Scanner Uses
CapitalBio® DNA Microarray Scanner Uses

  • The DNA microarray scanner operates by converting the processed gene chip into a digital image, enabling a detailed examination of gene expression.

  • This digital image is then analyzed using specialized software, which is a key component of the life sciences instruments provided by CapitalBio Technology.

  • The software is designed to accurately identify and analyze the gene expression data captured in the image, providing researchers with valuable insights.

  • The DNA Microarray Scanner and the software are used in conjunction with the gene chip, creating a comprehensive system for gene expression analysis.

  • This system is primarily used in the field of life sciences, where it plays a crucial role in understanding gene regulation and the mechanisms of various diseases.

  • The microarray scanner is capable of processing multiple gene chips simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the laboratory.

  • The user-friendly interface and easy-to-use software make the DNA Microarray Scanner accessible to researchers of all levels of expertise.

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