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Individual Pharmacogenomics Detection

By detecting genetic information related to drug metabolism, efficacy, and adverse reactions of the subject can help doctors or pharmacists develop safer and more effective medication plans.

individual pharmacogenomics detection

CapitalBio Pharmacogenomics

Testing is based on pharmacogenomics. It makes prescription safer and more effective. Given the stability of genes and the irreversibility of the impact of many ADRs, the test would benefit people for their entire life. As of June 27, 2022, a total of 63,146 samples have been tested.

We Have Developed This Panel Into Reagent Kit For Sale.

We Have Developed This Panel Into Reagent Kit For Sale.

Specification of Individual Pharmacogenomics Detection

This panel covers as many as 102 loci of 53 genes and provide prescription suggestions on as many as 128 drugs, and the drugs can be divided in 13 categories as follows:

Anti-inflammatory analgesicImmunosuppressant
Anti-infectivesMental illness
Asthma and anti-tussiveCardiovascular
Anti-parasiticAnti-gout drugs
Digestive systemAnalgesics
Hypoglycemic agents

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