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Biochip Design & Fabrication

Biochip Design & Fabrication CapitalBio

"I" Microfludic Array Platform【IMAP】is a microfluidic chip detection platform independently developed by CapitalBio Technology. Focusing on molecular detection products based on SNP/InDel biomarkers, can provide overall solutions including hardware, software, reagents and consumables. This is a great platform to transfer research results into actual products.


  • Birth Defect

  • Disease Susceptibility

  • Personalized Medicine

  • DNA Fingerprinting

  • Variety Identification

  • Genetic Quality Assessment

Biochip Development Process

  • Loci confirmation and evaluation

  • Confirmation of product development content and indicators

  • Complete gene sequence collection, bioinformatics analysis, primer/probe design, primer/probe synthesis, artificial synthesis of gene fragments

  • Complete the screening and optimization of primers and probes, establish and optimize the reagent system, and complete the preliminary finalization of the kit

  • Interpretation software development, testing

  • Sample testing, verification, optimization, and acceptance check of kit products

Workflow of IMAP

Microfluidic + KASP

Microfluidic + KASP

Simple: only 1 time sample addition

Flexible: 1 chip can test 1/2/4 samples

Centrifuge and heat-sealing

Centrifuge and heat-sealing: 2 mins

Physical division of each reaction hole

No cross infection in loci


Amplification: 1.5 h


Scan: 10 mins

Fractal pseudo-color map

Fractal pseudo-color map

Visible QC

One-click output test report

One-click output test report

Biochip Design & Fabrication Application Case

Twenty-three Deafness Gene Mutation Detection Kit [Microfluidic Chip Method]

The detection kit for 23 hereditary deafness-related genes developed on the basis of IMAP platform, can test 23 mutations of GJB2 gene, SLC26A4 gene, mitochondria 12SrRNA and GJB3 gene in whole blood or filter paper dried blood spot sample, with the coverage for 4 genes related to hereditary deafness up to 90% above.


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