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Microarray Platform

Microarray Platform CapitalBio

We provide a complete microarray platform from sample to results, including a microarray hybridization station, slide clean-up station, and microarray scanner. Microarray platform application areas include clinical tests, food safety testing, and life science research, such as autoimmune disease testing, bacterial identification, drug resistance testing, veterinary drug residue testing and food microbiological testing, methylation detection, gene expression profiling, and so on.

We also provide the following kits based on this microarray platform, including a Mycobacterial Species Identification kit, Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Detection Array Kit, HPV Genotyping Detection Kit, Thalassemia Gene Mutations Detection Kit, Genotype and Drug Resistance Detection Kit for Hepatitis B Virus, etc.

Types Of Microarray Platform

CapitalBio® DNA Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K
CapitalBio® DNA Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K
The microarray chip scanner is an open system compatible with any standard 25×75mm microscope slide and is appropriate for gene expression, genotyping, proteomics, etc.
CapitalBio® Slide Washer
CapitalBio® Slide Washer
The primary functions of the equipment include washing, spinning, and cleaning hybridization-completed nucleic acid and protein chips.
CapitalBio® Microarray Hybridization Station
CapitalBio® Microarray Hybridization Station
As a new generation of chip hybrid systems, the hybrid solution flows naturally and gently on the chip’s surface to accomplish full, uniform, and continuous mixing, giving the most optimal fluid dynamics and molecules.

Application Of Microarray Platform

No.Microarray Platform Applications
1Food Intolerance Test
2Human Papillomavirus(HPV) Genotyping Detection Kit
3Mycobacteria Identification Array Kit
4M.Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Detection Array Kit
5Polymorphism Test Kit for 6 Gene Loci Related to Antithrombotic Drugs
6Nine Deafness-Related Gene Mutation Detection Kit
7Fifteen Deafness-Related Gene Mutation Detection Kit
8Thalassemia Gene Mutation Detection Kit
9HBV Typing Drug Resistance Test Kit

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