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Genetic Testing for Blood Cancer

This test can detect SNV, Indel, and FLT3-ITD information of 232 genes associated with blood cancers, covers all types of leukemia - AML/ALL/CML/CLL/MDS/MPN and various lymphomas.

genetic testing for blood cancer

Features of Genetic Testing for Blood Cancer

Features of Genetic Testing For Blood Cancer

Applications of Genetic Testing for Blood Cancer

  • Provide comprehensive information related to diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and medication to assist clinical diagnosis and treatment.

  • For commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs, targeted drugs, demethylation drugs and supportive care drugs, this test will analyze the toxicity, side effects, efficacy, dose, and drug resistance, and evaluate the drug metabolism status of patients.

Specification of Genetic Testing for Blood Cancer

Sample typesPeripheral blood/ Marrow/ Bone marrow smear
TAT10 days

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