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For the mutation locus discovered at the genome-wide level, the independent large sample size verification is usually required to be performed. AgenaMassARRAY® mass spectrum, as a medium flux detection platform, is a preferred typing detection method with less than 300 SNP loci with favorable typing detection quality and efficiency.


Research on population queue      

Evaluation and management on illness risk


Biomarker validation

Plant line validation (germ plasm resource identification)

Identification of transgenic species

Genetic marker assisted

Animal testing

Experiment Process Specifications Advantages Agena Massarray Mass Spectrometry Platform


Sample RequirementsPurity:OD260/280 is within the range of 1.7-2.1

DNA amount ≥1μg

DNA concentration ≥20ng/μL

Integrity:main band of genome is clear and free from RNA contamination, protein contamination or degradation, with molecular weight ≥10Kb.

FlexibleThe SNP locus interested and samples needed to be tested can be selected freely
AccurateDirectly detecting the molecular weight of object to be tested, it is highly accurate and can distinguish the tertiary gene effectively
High-throughputEach reaction hole can realize 40 heavy reactions at most and each chip can finish the multiple SNP detection experiments of 384 samples
Cost effectivenessNo requirement of fluorescence labeling lowers the analysis cost of each genotype; applicable to the verification items of large sample size (below 300 SNP loci)
ConvenientAvailable for design and test of more than 95% proved SNPs; with professional primer design and genotyping software, it can automatically judge whether the typing experiment is successful


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