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IMAP Platform

IMAP Platform CapitalBio

The IMAP Platform, which is made up of a microfluidic chip, supporting instruments, and typing software, uses the InnovaChip® (a microfluidic chip) as its core and combines a number of operation units, such as biological sample loading, PCR reaction, fluorescence in situ detection, and so on, to get accurate SNP/InDel detection.

Types Of IMAP Platform

CapitalBio Centrifugal Heat Sealing Machine
CapitalBio Centrifugal Heat Sealing Machine
Integrate the functions of chip centrifugation and chip heat sealing within one instrument, and the two parts can be operated simultaneously without interfering with each other.
CapitalBio Tablet PCR Instrument
CapitalBio Tablet PCR Instrument
Using the latest semiconductor technology, combined with multi-functional modules, it can achieve rapid heat conduction and precise temperature control, which can be used for PCR amplification of microfluidic chips.
CapitalBio® Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K/D
CapitalBio® Microarray Scanner LuxScan™10K/D
Based on the optical system design for the laser confocal principle, it improves the detection sensitivity and is suitable for dual-color or single-color fluorescence detection and analysis of high, medium and low-density biochips.
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