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Metabolic Testing-Tobacco Damage CapitalBio

This test detects the metabolic process of chemical substances in tobacco and the genes related to the damage mechanism to the human body, including DNA damage repair genes, oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, toxic metabolism enzyme genes, cell cycle regulatory genes, etc. By analyzing the results of genetic testing, we can evaluate the increased risk of smoking to lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and stomach cancer, and provide relevant health advice to help subjects quit smoking as soon as possible, thereby reducing the harm caused by smoking to the body. Contact us and get more information on personal genetic testing!

metabolic testing tobacco damage

Features of Metabolic Testing-Tobacco Damage

This test is based on biochip method, the test content including:

Gene typeExample of detected genes
Toxic metabolizing enzyme geneCYP24A1
Cell cycle regulatory genesCDKN1A
DNA damage repair genesERCC1
Tumor suppressor geneTP53
Cancer genMDM2
Intracellular signaling pathwaySTK32A
Extracellular matrix degradationMMP2
Ubiquitination and degradation of proteinsHECTD4

Specification of Metabolic Testing-Tobacco Damage

Sample typesVenous blood / Oral swab
TAT9 working days

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