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Single-Cell Sequencing

Single-Cell Sequencing CapitalBio

With the development of single-cell technology, the scope of research is no longer limited to the transcriptome, but expanded to the multi-omics level such as the genome, immunome, epigenome, and proteome. In complex biological processes, heterogeneity exists at multiple levels, cells with the same genes may have different patterns of DNA methylation, gene expression, and clonal expansion. To reveal deeper biological mechanisms, multi-omics techniques are required to more accurately classify them into different subgroups.

Single-Cell Sequencing Platform

10x Genomics Chromium X is a novel high-throughput single-cell sequencing library construction and decoding system that can run up to millions of cells at a time, which can greatly reduce the cost of detection.

The X instrument has 16 channels, each channel can capture up to 20,000 cells, combined with 10x CellPlex multi-sample mixing technology, each channel can capture up to 60,000 cells, after removing the double cell rate, each chip can capture up to 750,000 cells single cell.

Single-Cell Sequencing Platform

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