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Hybridization Box

CapitalBio HybSetTM Microarray Hybridization Box holds a 25mm 75mm microarray slide to prevent solution evaporation. Each HybSetTM includes a baseboard, two brackets, a gasket, a coverboard, and two metal holding clips. Sealing ring and metal clips keep the hybridization chamber watertight in the waterbath, ensuring constant temperature and humidity.

Incubation cassettes simplify protein chip incubation. Standard microscope slides (25mm×75mm) can be used with or without CapitalBio SmartCoverTM. The consumbles box construction enables uniform slide reaction temperatures. 200ul of water in the base maintains internal humidity during high-temperature incubation.

hybridization box

Features of Hybridization Box

  • Easy assembly and disassembly

  • Humidity preservation during hybridization or incubation

  • Convenient observation through the clear cover

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