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Individualized Medication Guidance for Cancer (118 Genes)

This test detects 136 genes, including 110 targeted drug-related genes and 27 chemotherapy drug-related genes, provides the correlation between gene mutations and targeted drugs and chemotherapy drugs based on clinical data, and assists doctors to formulate personalized medication guidance for patients.

individualized medication guidance for cancer 118 genes

Applicable Population of Individualized Medication Guidance For Cancer (118 Genes)

  • Patients who need comprehensive targeted therapy + chemotherapy medication information.

  • Patients who have received a targeted therapy that did not respond well.

  • Patients with locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors without an identified driver gene, expecting targeted therapy + chemotherapy.

Specification of Individualized Medication Guidance for Cancer (118 Genes)

Sample typesFresh tissue / Paraffin specimen / Venous blood
TAT6 days

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