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MTB Drug Resistant Detection CapitalBio

The current methods for detecting TB drug resistance are inefficient and imprecise, leading to covering drugs that either cause or exacerbate drug resistance. Chromosomal genetic variation is the primary mechanism through which TB develops resistance to treatment.

A quick diagnosis of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is now possible due to advances in gene chip detection technology, which can evaluate a patient’s resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid, two of the most important first-line anti-tuberculosis medications. 

mtb drug resistance detection

Features of MTB Drug Resistant Detection

  • Get through all of the tests in 6 hours

  • Mycobacterium TB rifampicin and isoniazid resistance detection in a single sample

  • A total of 1186 cases were confirmed through clinical trials, and all of them matched up with the sequencing data

TargetsRifampicin resistance geneIsoniazid resistance gene
Drug resistance generpoB genekatG geneinhA gene

Workflow of MTB Drug Resistant Detection

Workflow of MTB Drug Resistant Detection

Specification of MTB Drug Resistant Detection

Order information

Cat. No.DescriptionSpecification
301035CapitalBio庐M.Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Detection Array Kit12 tests/kit

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