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Human Mitochondrial Genome Detection CapitalBio

Mitochondrial diseases refer to a group of multi-system diseases caused by dysfunction of mitochondrial respiratory chain leading to ATP synthesis disorder, can affect muscles, central nervous system, kidneys, cardiovascular, eye, ear, digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular and renal systems individually or simultaneously. It can occur in any part of the body or at any age, the incidence is about 1/8500. For this test, CapitalBio use two long-segment PCR amplification and high-throughput sequencing technologies to analyze the full length of the entire mitochondrial gene (16569bp), the latest Cambridge version of the mitochondrial genome NC_012920 was used as a reference for comparison and analysis.

human mitochondrial genome detection

The Reason You Choose Capitalbio Mitochodrial Test

  • Only amplify mitochondrial genes to avoid the influence of nuclear DNA on mtDNA.

  • Both specificity and sensitivity are 99.99%.

  • The sequencing depth is greater than 4,000X, and the coverage is >98%.

Comparison with High-end Brand Y

Comparison with High-end Brand Y

Specification of Human Mitochondrial Genome Detection

Sample typesVenous Blood/ Dried Blood Spot/Tissue.
TAT20 working days

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