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CapitalBio® CalSlide-III Calibration Slide

CalSlideTM is a fluorescence calibration product made of NanobriteTM inorganic nano-fluorescent material on a scanner-scannable universal size (25.2mm*75.5mm*1mm) glass slide. It is useful for routine calibration and maintenance of microarray fluorescence scanners as well as comparing signal intensities between scanners. It is a necessary consumbles calibration tool for microarray chip quantitative analysis and detection.

calibration slide

Features of CapitalBio® CalSlide-III Calibration Slide

  • Completely photo-stable even after continuous exposure to a 110mW laser for 9 hours

  • Shelf-life longer than 12 months under ambient conditions

Applications of CapitalBio® CalSlide-III Calibration Slide

● Focal adjustment of the scanner using repeated spots on a slide

● Convenient for instrument calibration at different Laser/PMT settings based on 5 or 11 graded levels of fluorescence intensity

● Compatible with fluorescence microarray scanners from various manufacturers

● Custom array design service available

● CalSlide-III is specially designed for the functional verification of microarray scanners including focus position calibration, platform uniformity, and reproducibility

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